Joining the Major

Students interested in pursuing a degree in Neuroscience are encouraged to complete the prerequisite courses by end of their sophomore year, but are not required to have all of them completed to enroll in the major.  When declaring the major, students should send a completed Neuroscience major worksheet to the department registrar to help with advising.

Please study the requirements for the major and fill out theNSCI Major Worksheet with the courses you have already taken (add in the grade), the courses you are currently taking, and the courses you plan to take. Rename the worksheet as “Last name_First name.xlsx”.  

Disclaimer: The Worksheet should be considered as an unofficial planning tool, not as a contractual agreement.  The DUSes have final say on whether requirements are fulfilled or not.

After you have joined the major via SIS, please e-mail the NSCI Major Worksheet to to obtain an in-major faculty advisor.

Please use the subject header “Joining NSCI – [Last name], [First name]”. The email should contain attachments of (1) the worksheet, (2) an informal transcript (named “Transcript [Last name] [First name]”), and an optional resume (named “Resume [Last name] [First name]”).