Summer Funding

There are numerous programs at Yale that support Summer Research.  If you plan to work in a Neuroscience lab at Yale in the Summer, make sure you apply.  We encourage you to apply to the Dean’s Fellowship and The Wu Tsai Institute’s Summer Scholar Program.  Other sources of funding are summarized here.

Most program applications require:

  • A description of the proposed research project.
  • A copy of the applicant’s transcript. An unofficial transcript is acceptable.
  • A CV/resume, including a description of relevant experience.
  • A recommendation letter from the proposed Yale faculty mentor, including evaluation of the qualifications and potential of the student, the scholarly and pedagogic merits of the proposed project, the student’s role in the development of the proposal, and a detailed plan for the supervision of the project.
  • Second letter of reference from another individual is highly encouraged.  The letter should speak to the applicants abilities’ and propensities to suceed in research, and can be from a previous PI (within or outside of Yale) or other mentor or professor, but not from the same lab as your proposed mentor.