Welcome to the YNEURO community!

Yale Neuroscience Education Undergraduate Research Organization

YNEURO is a student group that aims to connect undergraduates at Yale interested in neuroscience. We host events, coordinate mentorship pairs, and create opportunities for students to become more involved in neuroscience research and outreach!

If interested, join our panlist here or send us an email at yneuro.board@gmail.com!

We also have a facebook group and instagram, feel free to join and/or follow

Click here to add our GCal of compiled neuroscience-related events around Yale


  • Bluebooking
  • Neuro Sibs (mentorship pairs / families)
  • Speaker Panels (neuroscience grad school, med school, and careers)
  • Research talks (between undergraduates)
  • Outreach and teaching 
  • More!