Research Opportunities

We encourage all neuroscience majors to conduct research during the semester and over the summer, whether as part of courses (470/471 and 490/491), as a volunteer, or as employment (e.g., work-study). There are more than 100 neuroscientists on campus with whom to work, and we encourage you to explore their labs’ websites, read a journal article or two, and reach out to them to discuss opportunities. We also post specific opportunities sent our way here, in reverse chronological order.

Fall 2020

NIH Postbaccalaureate Research (section of Clinical and Computational Psychiatry)

NIH Postbaccalaureate Research (the Mood, Brain and Development Unit)

Summer 2020

Max Planck Summer Internship Program

January 2020

Pittenger lab

May 2019

Kober lab

April 2019

De Camilli lab

March 2019

Chandra lab

Guo lab

Hoffman lab